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The Lappy System

It's quick and simple to use. Unzip your Lappy, and relax with the multi-purpose Lappy Pillow, (a $25 value). FREE with every Lappy. Enjoy your content for hours and say goodbye to hand, neck and back discomfort. Get happy with your Lappy!

The Steady Snap

This revolutionary invention easily snaps onto the patent pending Lappy mounting bracket, and lets you take amazing pictures and videos with just one hand. The Steady Snap, a $30.00 value is FREE with the purchase of every Lappy.

Doctor Recommended

"As an expert in workplace ergonomics, I am finding a strong connection between the dramatic increase of tablet usage and neck, wrist and shoulder discomfort. The Lappy is a perfect solution and offers people the freedom to use their tablets in a more comfortable way."

— Dr. Michael S. Reed
     Prof. of Physical Medicine